This college girl at the coffee shop today:
attractive naturally, but not trying at all. Very white teeth: obviously she uses some sort of polish, because she's also a heavy smoker. She's sitting with two friends, a mild-mannered inoffensive young man and a similar girl. The trio's body language and seating arrangement betrays her leadership of the group. Her armpits display week-old fuzz. Nothing out of hand, but obviously she doesn't care so much. She wears no makeup and baggy pajama type pants. But, get this, what is clearly a halter type top (not sure exactly what--not up on women's fashion) with what must be a prop-up or miracle-type bra.
The contradtictions: Plainly the amount of times she raised her arms above her head show that at the very least unconsciously, she wants to show off her pit peach fuzz. I know this...chainsmokers do not like to raise their arms above their head for fear of descending ash. Her peach fuzz, her fashion sense, even the nature of their conversation states: "I scoff at societal rules and women's etiquette", while her prop up bra and her polished teeth state opposing sentiments.

The contradictions are rather ordinary, and pervade the group: Her female friend wears her pants in the popular urban influenced bleached style. With a salvation-army-type top.

Jesus Christ, I can't believe I'm talking this much about fashion.
What a fucking waste.


How well one does in college has nothing to do with raw intelligence. Bearing and manner is more important. These Amherst college nitwits have nothing on me in terms of pure intellect. But they have the manner and discipline to stick with their studies, and live on an even keel.

For me this was very hard. College is too easy to maintain consistency. Three hours of classes a day? Weekends off? I could never keep focused. These AC students could sit through two of Ingmar Bergmann's later films. Then cheer for their pathetic football team as it gets blown out by Amherst High.

These Amherst College librarians will practically do the work of their students. WTF? I never got anything like this at Umass. This fuckin lady sitting across from me is practically doing this guys entire project. AND IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE HIS THESIS?

Librarian:"That would be books. Let's go back to the ..homepage and look at some of the indexes and databases. There's a million diff. ways to get into it. Let's look into lit, history. Have you done this b4"
he says: blah blah ...this is literature and databases....
lib: it's literature yep.
lib: start with oral tradition, slavery... or whatever you wanna start with.
lib: it says u picked up 198.
lib: I thought that looked really interesting....dissertation. We'll def buy it for you, on paper. order right away.
How these work is that under the source they tell you what....
dammit, he talks too soft I can't hear. I know my typing is loud and annoying them. AHHAHAHA! idiots.

No wonder Emily Dickinson locked herself up in her Amherst attic and wrote poems in private--God forbid one of the Amherst college idiots get a hold it.