horrid post

we're all just disgusting fleshy protrusions.


Happy sentiments don't warrant posts. You begin with bliss--a child's world. It's not until adolescence that you become acquainted with more complicated forms of sorrow. That's when life becomes interesting and poignantly unfulfilling--the assertion of the poetic.


Meaninglessness tails my every move, idea, and interlude. Always. At work, with friends, while sleeping. Always. There's no penetration, no escape from truth.

building sweet nothings
concerted consistent pressure
momentous discord
you know what will happen
but you still live it
as if you don't
the prefix of control
groundwork laid from the very beginning
doubtless arguments make for predictable outcomes



You better hope you get a good paradigm, because all this shit just repeats. Different manifestations, but essentially the same shit. You're a spectator to your own life.


Adage Plus One

Not only do nice guys finish last, but they don't get the girl either.

Never tell anyone your credit rating unless you absolutely must. Jokingly remarking, "I have lousy credit", is akin to telling people your social security number.



curved flesh
peeled like layered selves
remember the torment
the spilled confidence
high pitched beauty
mind the ratio of men to women
enforce the distract excuses
say little
so you may express love unreturned
forget the heartache and remember that
torture looks down on loneliness.

Just Now

...and my love for you's just not the same....