I saw a commercial for SBC once that said there was a merger and that some other company (I've forgotten the name) would now be known as SBC. The commercial then cut to a worker installing or working on a phone line. He was elevated on a ladder up against a telephone pole, and a graphic wave moved across the screen changing his uniform from the old company to SBC. The worker guy (all-american blue collar type) flashed an obligatory somewhat sheepish smile. It wasn't a funny or joyful smile, but the kind of smile you flash to brush off someone's bad joke (i.e. to recognize it was a bad joke by faking a smile so that the moment when you're supposed to react will disappear). The guy gave the smile, then continued working as if the new uniform and working for a different company was absolutely meaningless to him.


Anyways the commercial made me feel that SBC has quite a lowly opinion of its workers--that they can just change their uniforms with a wave of their corporate wand and the schmoes will just grin and bear it, and continue working with their heads down not even knowing the difference.

..and if you listen to Chomsky, you'll find that treating labor like cattle is common practice, whipsawing one labor force against another in order to keep costs down.

When you become a bore,
you get no respect.
People tell you they'll call,
Then don't.
And it doesn't matter.
Because you don't.

To The Couple Kissing In The Courthouse

Love's embrace tangy and sweet
inside smiles and crimes, impregnable
jagged edges and fallen examples
proving liquid rigidity
irresistable aggression
as bodies clamp
overcome this very moment,
the crime of passion