doc love's answer

Hi Lionel,

There were two significant mistakes you made when you accepted that first date with Susan.

First, you accepted a date on short notice. I know that it's flattering when a woman you like asks you out, but one of the bedrock principles of "The System" is self-control.

You should have told her that you already had a prior commitment, even though you didn't. Why? Because when you accept a date on short notice, it diminishes your mystery quotient in her eyes. It makes you appear too available and eager, and so her romantic Interest Level in you is impacted negatively. To you Psych majors: You gotta learn to play hard to get.

Guys, when a woman you've just met calls and asks you out on short notice, she isn't even aware of the fact that she'd actually like you more if you didn't accept the date. She's unconscious of the fact that, in reality, she's setting up a little test to see how much of a Challenge you are. Granted, usually, when a woman calls a guy after having just met him, she has to have a pretty darn high Interest Level to begin with.

Some might say your actions wouldn't impact her interest, but they do...

I reccomend reading the full article.


If blogger loses one more of my fucking posts I'm quitting this whole business.

Fuck this stupid piece of shit keyboard technology internet bullshit. Yeah the information superhighway. You never hear that nonsense anymore huh? Because it's wrong. Now everyone has a voice. No content just layouts everywhere. The amount of pretty pictures on a site is inversely proportional to quality.

If blogger loses this post, I'm done. I'll take my writing back to my personal stash and forsake web publishing entirely. Then maybe I'll just stop writing and go back to living.

Nothing is more frustrating than expended energy for nought.

The last post was lost.

I thought it was funny. I imagined it eliciting laughter. I chuckled while writing it. The laughter's existence died with the post. Thank You drive-thru.