The following is how I feel 20% of the time:

People in Cambodia are either corrupt or bankrupt. The corrupt people make money. They don't earn it, they siphon it. Everyone from waitresses and bar girls shorting the boss and customers to government officials pocketing donor money through gas credits and shady land deals. Even to NGO employees living lavish lifestyles in the capital, rarely accomplishing anything. Teachers, embassy staff and poor laborers, those who EARN money are usually bankrupt. The laborers are ignorant and devoid of education. They live in very much the same way that they did 100 years ago. Except now they operate newer machines that they scarcely understand. The teachers are morally bankrupt, taking drugs, binge drinking and whoring are commonplace--It's difficult to find a teacher who is not engaged in some form of debauchery. Almost all of them smoke pot daily.