Someone else said this:

"My hobbies include scubadiving (including wet-spelunking, or "cave diving"), racing motorcycles (sport bikes), traveling, skiboarding (aka snowblading), hiking, rollerblading, horseback riding and hopefully soon rockclimbing and rappelling again. I'd like to start indoor skysurfing soon. I just don't have it in me anymore for *real* skydiving -- for those of you who do, good luck and take Marc, because I won't! Bunch of crazies!"

Ten hobbies and s/he's horrible at every single one.

A comparison of American and Russian space programs (source forgotten):

The Russians had so many rules, regulations and procedures that it was impossible to know and follow every one. Astronauts did the best they could, hoping not to get caught. The Americans at NASA had very few rules, but the ones they did have they valued highly.

Tons of hobbies and you're a tourist at every one. I have none, but I'm considered the foremost authority in this region.


I'm having trouble conjuring the fear of death. Death death death. Gone. Forever, eternity. These seem so ridiculous on an empty stomach. What a silly depressed fellow! Grow up and shut up.

To become religious late in life is as difficult as learning a new language. Clumsy, imperfect, slippery.

To deny a religion you've been raised with is impossible.

We didn't choose our language or our religion. We can add languages later in life. We cannot add religions.

Language lubricates communication.
Religion encircles thought.

Languages can be learned indefinately without penalty. The more the merrier. Bilingual children don't rob Peter to pay Paul. Both make money.

Religion requires, for the most part, exclusivity. Although many are both Buddhist and Taoist, or worship several different Gods. The manner of worship is more a cultural phenomenon and less religious. Religions can be learned without penalty, but not believed in.

It is perfectly acceptable to harbor conflicting beliefs at two different periods in time. Like light which can appear as a dot or a wave, depending on how you look at it. But never simultaneously. Light can be a dot or a wave. You can be Taoist and Buddhist. But not at the same time. Light is not only a dot, and not only a wave. It is an "either-line-or-wave." If you are at once a Buddhist and also a Taoist, then you are "Buddhist-Then-Taoist."

You can add definitions indefinately. You can learn a million languages and worship a million religions. But each new element changes the whole slightly. A Toyota Camry that rolls off the lot is a Toyota Camry. When I buy cow-print seat covers it's not exactly a Toyota Camry. Now it's a "Toyota-Camry-with-cow-print-seat-covers."

One religion confines thinking. Many religions means you don't have one solely and entirely. The followers of certain religions won't accept you. It's all or nothing they will say.

Thank God Language and cars aren't so discriminating. How would I get my car repaired if no one believed it was still a Camry.

Be wary of those with a flare for excuses. They have the ability to flee from any mistake.