Is this a dream? Are they really about to do it? Sadly the World Series has been anti-climactic. The Sox are winning like the Yankees. Getting leads early and never relinquishing them. The ALCS was so intense I could scarcely watch, or sit down. The WS has been relaxing. This idea that the curse will be broken became firmly affixed in our collective Red Sox Nation minds after Pedro won to put us up 3-0. Even WE can't blow this one, not afer we did the very same thing to the Yankees. Now we all scramble to make sure we're in the right place with the right people when it happens. It'll be like the second coming, an immaculate conception. The end of a curse--the dark ages-- and the beginning of a new era of light and hope. The reason everyone wants to see The Red Sox win it all is because the very idea that a team with an 86 year old history of getting oh-so-close only to fail by some internal fatal flaw or embarassing error inspires us imperfect creatures to hope for a better life, better fortune.