Robert DeNiro is less Italian than he is Irish.

This is very disturbing.
It rattles my entire being.

I was just watching "The power of Myth" documentary on PBS. I picked up Joseph Campbell saying:

"...that's the transcendent mystery, what is the sauce of life"

Is it soy. Perhaps spaghetti.

Chuang Tzu had a dream that he was a butterfly. In his dream he was concious that he was alive and he was a butterfly. Then he awoke, and he was a man again. He wasn't able to tell for sure which existence was true.

There are certain peoples and myths that purport this idea: that the dream world is the real, or important one. And that what we describe of as our real being can be thought of as something like preparation for the dream world.

Of course this is untrue. It needs to be refuted.

The problem lies in the description of dreams as a world. Once you place it in the category of world, you become entrenched in relativism. Not unlike cultural relativism, it is difficult to say which world is more true. Indeed, truth itself is relative. Dreams are not a world. They are a function of the mind performed during sleep.


I can't think of anything more horrible than seeing Justin Timberlake, the turd from NSYNC, on BET. Since when is he black? If I'm not mistaken he buys his beats, dance moves et al. from black artists. Willing ones, not unlike the black slave traders who sold their countrymen to white slave traders. What does he know about the black experience? What could he possibly know about anything. He was born and bred to be a pop star, like a prince, he is a figurehead of our culture. Meant to wave to the masses from a balcony and nothing more, while evil chancellors pull the strings behind the scenes, making sure the youth don't forget to spend spend spend...

Oh I forgot, BET is crap. They wouldn't play rap music until AFTER MTV started playing it. So much for being in tune with their audience.

devil/angel dichovanity
loneliness ligament left shoulder lying about looks
expiration ineluctable, the lonely love too much-
self assured he couldn't think of any good reason not to destroy himself.
Less Meaning. back or front indifferent weapons. What kind of hunter?

This was supposed to be easier.
There is no joke, folks, "you've lost the ability to think, fuck you"
no no no no I know you're waiting for the punchline. NO. There is no punchline.

Aphorisms are more like regular thoughts because of their nonlinearity.
words sprout sentences of three to five for such and such a one as you.


blah blah blah

fuck this fuck that
I don't care actually.
What difference does any of this make? You're not even here. You don't exist. None of this exists. Even if it does, it's meaningless. There is no meaning.
I think therefore I am. So? Where's the meaning. Like Wendy's, where's the beef?

Some people will say the purpose of life is to help other people. This implies that there are people that need help. AND their lives do not consist solely of helping others. If everyone's purpose in life is to help, how do the needy fit into this equation? It's a faulty argument from the start. The purpose of YOUR yuppie, liberal, granola Hampshire College existence is to smoke pot and help others. Preferably the poor, disadvantaged indigenous population of Bolimia. Where you clean up all the natives' puke. Helping other people is stupid. What's the difference between you and another person? You're both homo sapiens? I say, help yourself.

Oh! And then there are those among you who say that the purpose of life is to procreate. To spread their seed and create as many copies of themselves as feasible etc etc. According to this idea, I intend to bottle my semen and bury it. To be found millions of years from now by space aliens who will take me to be the original Adam. More realistically, if this mechanism were truly the meaning of human life, men would be lining up at the sperm bank tomorrow morning to make a donation. It's just a mechanism: attraction, relationship, sex, kids. Like foraging, eating, digestion, excretion. So would you say the meaning of life is to eat?

Some will joke: the true meaning of life is to .....not DIE!
nope that's the survival instinct.

I leave this entry open ended. I can't come up with a meaning, but I assume that I will before my time is up.