Thank You so much for your letter. I'm surprised that you remembered my mother at all. It was extremely emotional when she passed as my brother and I were literally kneeling bedside holding her hands as she gasped her last breath. She would have most certainly remembered you, she mentioned you a couple of times when you and Sophy were going out. She adored Sophy. He came to her bedside and they kissed and stared into each other's eyes for a while. She said she loved him and started to cry. She hadn't seen him in several years. I could feel my mother's sweet sorrow filling the room, happy to see him, but knowing she would never see him again. Sophy handled it smoothly and flawlessly, as always, like he had been visiting terminally-ill people his entire life.

I wrote a little about her passing, mostly gloomy stuff, on my webpage.

For all the things that didn't go well in her life, at least her two children were with her when she passed. If we could all be so lucky.



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