Thank the dead God for Nietzsche.

In summarius conclusions, I'd like to say women worship reaches pinnacle in absentia.

But I won't so I didn't.
For all cases insofar as money in concerned there can be no statement made affirming the truth value of the chicken and egg dillemma.

He was sensitive to the titles of his published work. Grasping the meaninglessness yet playing in the arena with his obsessions. With titles.

Recovery time and reflexes slow as age progresses.

People know immediately who they like. Dislike takes time to build.

Beauty is newth.

I owned something, came back to it many times. But now I cannot recover it.

But I wish I could see her every other day. And her and her and her.
Men are the more flexible. We could imagine lives with any of these women.
Some pink morsel of a creature to behold and enjoy. Except up close.

The purpose of "if you could live your life over again, what would you change?" exercises is to ensure that you don't make the same mistakes.
I know I'd make the same mistakes again.

How could I bring anyone into this terrible life? Clouded by death, hatred, fear. To create a replacement of oneself assumes a certain arrogance that indeed this life is somehow good.


I'm now at one with loneliness. No friends, no peer who cares much about me.

I go through my days with no reason to be serious or to do anything at all.

But I am serious.

It's not that I'm all doom and gloom, harping on the essential fact that life means nothing, tickling my dread button with the idea that death is a permenent descent into nothingness and thus terrifying. I go through my days hardly thinking of this a wit. I still have goals and ambition. I just don't kid myself by pretending they have meaning.

This is the only starting point. Casting a gray hue on all human endeavor.


Earlier today I attempted to name some things that are genuinely easy. That under no circumstances (no matter how hard you push yourself, or what standards you have) is the activity difficult--Watching T.V. I then promptly dropped the issue before naming any others. It was getting difficult.