As with any drug or love affair. the accustomization period is always the most efficacious.
You feel the effects more strongly because you have a clear memory of when they didn't exist.
After acclimatization comes plateau. And then you are back where you started.
This makes it seem as though it is not worthwhile, but it is. Overall you're better off experiencing the 6 month to one year high and then returning to normal than remaining level the entire time.
In fact you could argue that the spikes are necessary to break up the monotony of existence. After a long enough period of time, the flatlines of hopes, dreams, thoughts and emotions begin a slight downward slope. Were it not for the occasional drug or human romance, depression or stagnation would result.


Another lost post.

There is absolutely zero connection between returning to school and buying new things.

They seem related but they are not.
It's all an invention of people trying to sell you shit.