I cheered when I heard "the tragedy" that some astronauts died over Texas. Anything to taint Texas and George W. Bush's presidency pleases me immensely.

I went for years barely speaking to any women save for my mother. I'm not exaggerating or joking. But I am indulging in a little morbid self attention. Practically my entire life throughout my schooling years was spent sans female company. No friends certainly. Few girlfriends. None for more than a month. It's hard to trust one's memories as they easily fall servant to the interests of your conscious mind. But I'm fairly certain of the fact that I spent my schooling years either chasing women, never catching them, or so disgusted with the entire chase that I was resolved to give it up entirely.

Well now I have some female friends. But I have trouble keeping them.

Why shouldn't I demand of my women the same discipline with regards to the opposite sex that I display? It's partially true that women and men really aren't meant to be friends. By meant I mean in the natural sense. By natural I mean how we would behave devoid of outside influence--still living in the garden of eden. In the garden, there are no other women Eve could be jealous of. But temptation exists and Eve falls prey to the serpent's wiles. If this story is your only frame of reference, then mistrust of women and misogyny are quite a natural extension after the Fall.