What's the point of writing a journal intended to be public that no one reads?

If Shakespeare were born 30 years ago, he wouldn't be writing plays, but Hollywood blockbusters.

If James Joyce were born 25 years ago, he'd be a struggling actor.

The fact is, there is no romance left in me. The unaccompanied narrative is dead, meaning is made on video.

Music with no images falls on deaf ears.
Words with no pictures might as well be latin, read by nobody.

Every piece of culture: words, music, photos, film, anything, must be marketed. Without marketing, there is no audience--it doesn't exist.


Mongolian Spots:

Blueish spots on the back (usually) of Asian babies.
My son has them.

His racial makeup is as follows:
50% Khmer, 37.5% Sicilian, 6.25% French, 6.25% Huron Indian

more info about Mongolian Spots.

It will be interesting to note whether my next offspring has them.