Sometimes when you meet a person who's so impressive, of such outstanding quality and impregnable character, all one can do to soothe the inevitable paling comparison, is criticize.

Born sometime in 1985. The year Bruce Springsteen hollered "Born In The U.S.A." This tidbit of a human's parents were nurses or insurance agents or dentist's orthopedic assistants professional lower level white collar stiffs.

I want to be a speech pathologist to help children who can't speak properly and it hinders their social development. The banality of an infantocracy. Children are the least worthy and easiest to help:

-Their apparent helpnesses and influencibility makes it seem like you can make a difference: it should be clear by now, -you can't. Unless you somehow change their DNA.
-They are easily influenced and forced to accept whatever tonic you make them swallow.
-Because they can't thank you, it eliminates the uncomfortable situation of receiving gratitude.
-They don't know suffering or pain. Any attempt to normalize the condition with which they are forced to live is an arrogant attempt to decrease future suffering. When in reality trying to normalize them only gives them a reason to pity their own condition. Let them learn early to cope with their condition.
-It allows childless women to release motherhood instincts while also releasing success and efficacy instincts.
-Working with kids is EASY.
-These are the most replaceable citizens and cost the society the least--by virtue of their newness. It makes no sense to invest in defective-out-of-the-box children. Invest in adults who with the right swaying can contribute immediately.
-It gives the workers a false sense of accomplishment. Like they actually made a difference.

I hope old Friedrich influences my thoughts more. I should continue my studies of his works after this class has ended.


Paring down internal beliefs leads to this following:

Men and women should not be friends.

Too many hidden agendas exist on both sides for a natural relationship to occur.


How is it that some believe that the partnership between men and women is natural?

It seems completely unnatural. To such an extent that it requires no explanations.