Another case of temperament over genetics.

What looks like a menacing black american inner city male becomes a perfectly docile, industrious college student as per natural inclination.

His dress: Backwoods australian feel. Seriously. Complete with big hat, matching cargo pants and gray sneakers. Think the Man with The Big Yellow Hat from Curious George. Except this one's tall and black.


proceed without fear.
cognizant of parameters always
to forget humbling emotion
is to desire bodily warmth
for precious fleeting moments
the swollen pervasive scars
display battles once raged
frail flesh's fairness founders
as Time reaps

At any given time you must ask yourself, in the most pragmatic sense: What are you trying to accomplish right now?
It's ok to rest and relax as long as it's within the framework of your direction.
There are no goals. No plans. Just a meandering, meaningless direction.

For the rest of my life, I intend to substitute specific strengths for specific weaknesses. Simply because it's an activity. It's arbitrary whether one substitutes weaknesses for strengths or vice-versa. I've chose to replace weakness with strength because it's more difficult and will better fill up my alotted time slot. It would require a mere five minutes to forsake my strengths, but 25 years to conquer weakness.