Even Larry Brown, evidently from watching shots of her during the NBA finals, married a woman in her thirties. This old geezer's got at least 25 years on her. His wife looked so attractive, lady-like, and stable in those shots of her watching the game and cheering in a professional and collected manner. The way she cheered was so emotionally unemotional. Like the Clinton's "enjoying" the Whitehouse Fleetwood Mac concert--conspiciuous enjoyment, but no flippant emotion. Her professional cheering belies the fact that she knew she'd be on camera. In those instances she became a actress, rendering the performance of "supporting wife" who stands behind her man, yet with dignity, in such a way that she stands somewhat on her own. Here's a beautiful woman able to convey competance and professionalism in her very fandom, she could have just about any man she wants. How convenient that she happened to fall in love with a rich and poweful one. It just goes to show that the very best humanity has to offer will suck any shriveled piece of flesh on a regular basis, so long as it's attached to a man that many other men consider powerful. So what he can yell and scream and get into the minds of young black men? Big fucking deal.

Alas, all the Oompa Loompas in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory are likely deceased. Their indelible mark on humanity remains.