Weekend worship is a practice engaged in by middle and upper class Americans. Typical hallmarks of this behavior are giddy or excessively loose behavior Fridays and morose, stern demeanors on Mondays. On Fridays people speak of their planned activities for the weekend and on Mondays they speak of the slow grind of the rest of the week.

The lower class is not afforded the leisure of socially acceptable childishness one-day-a-week. Their work schedules do not necessarily permit weekends off. Nor are their work hours so rigid. Some work extremely early in the morning or overnight. Thus planned recreation becomes too difficult to sustain in the face of irregular, uncertain work hours. Furthermore their families and peer groups work similarly different schedules, so planning activities is patently more difficult. It's also not uncommon for the lower classes to work seven days a week, leaving no room for giddyness. The lower classes therefore are more strained in their free time away from work, especially when they are lucky enough to be with friends or family. Because they are aware of the rarity of several lower class persons days off coinciding, they strain to make sure they enjoy themselves. They use drugs.

To put it simply, when you don't have your weekends to be free and have fun, you must make fun whenever you get the chance. Often this leads to nightly rituals of bacchanalia.


You can spot a wealthy women easily, even without all her accoutrements. They always stand with both legs together, feet side-by-side facing forward.