10 days after my last entry I broke my right pinkie finger while at work.
It appears as though my recovery will take perhaps another month. My finger probably won't straighten out entirely. I'll also struggle to make a complete fist. I'll never type quite as fast either.

Some things I've learned:

Crush type breaks are much worse than line fractures.

Doctors, therapists, hospital and insurance people never give out time-frames.

Emergency rooms will make you wait twenty minutes even if you are bleeding and can see your bone and tendon.

Workers compensation won't pay out a penny for pain and suffering.

All sympathy is solicited. If you truly don't want it, people won't be inclined to offer it.

There still is no meaning in this life, but love is generally a positive, empowering emotion--when kept within limits. The reason this is so difficult is because the very nature of love--it's emotive thrust--is to transcend boundaries and limits.