Lifting Weights is perhaps the greatest frivolous expense of energy man has invented.

Daunting to imagine, to attempt comprehension of the full, circumspect reality. All these lives, relationships, dreams, plans, emotions, parties, workouts, cars, drunks, bad decisions, catastrophes, births. Only a televised culture could marginally generalize this youth.

The Irreducibility of Youth.

Whenever a woman believes that fat is a matter of interpretation, i.e.: do you think he thinks I'm fat??? Well, then the fact is YOU'RE FAT

Tomorrow is day 37.

I know I am fatigued and over extended. Like an open wound that only expresses pain, I usually work my streak into any given conversation in the first few minutes. It's true, there is pride related to my workathon. But the main reason I talk about it is that I don't really do much else to speak about. If I had a day off at this point, I'd probably just sleep. So hungry you can't eat.