Damn Yankees

If they like any team at all, foreigners love the New York Yankees. To them it's the quintessential symbol of America, our modern day bald eagle. Allegiance to the Bronx Bombers represents their own to America.

For that reason, Yankee fans in New England tend to be rather clueless foreign people who know very little about baseball. All inborn Americans are Red Sox fans. If you believe that America does not ultimately represent the melting pot, then the Red Sox are clearly more American.


Los Capitalistos

In capitalism, you must be act like a capitalist to prosper. Just giving maximum effort isn't enough. Plenty of people work as hard as possible all the time and knock their heads into low ceilings--you'll hear them ask you things like, "for here or to go."

One popular option is to get an education, which serves as a personal form of capital, shielding you from shitty jobs. Fluent english too.