Crazy Bitch, Crazy Business

Another example of a wealthy woman with a "fancy" business. Selling ceramics, pink pots and plates. The husband makes plenty of money, the wife can pursue her fancies, whether they are profitable or not. Most of them are high capital, you obviously can't just drop everything and order $10,000 worth of Italian ceramics to paint then peddle in the states, if the money really means something to you. Just another example of how the rich get richer.


Camp Kids

Today we were doing a job for a crazy lady who was moving down the street. As is common the man never shows up--probably at work. Her age was somewhere between 45 and 55. Her husband owns a Burger King, which to me counts as all three strikes against the entire family. They had a daughter and a son; we can tell because the new house has two rooms, one with boxes labeled "David" the other "Jen." Their kids are college aged, I figured this on my own, as I do every day, with a little detective work, sneaking a glance at the family portrait as I passed through the kitchen. It's not difficult, given the parents ages, and the fact that the kids weren't there at all. When we were pulling boxes out of the crawl space of the son's room, (which probably haven't been touched or even thought about since they were put there by the movers who put them in that house) I saw a small wooden tin from a rather prestigious prep school. That's strike four. The blood and sweat of immigrant labor, the disenfranchised, and lower class teenagers who should be in school paid for his soccer and tennis coach and his elite-well-published-budding-young Social Studies teacher.

About midday she mentioned somewhat remorsefully, but proudly how, "My Son's in England and my daughter's in Spain." And it occurred to me, college kids spending summers "working" in foreign countries, or spending semesters "studying" abroad are equivalent to children enrolled in summer camp. Better to have the kids in camp, that way mommy and daddy can fornicate around the house and not worry a whit about the brats for two weeks. Better to have the kids being glorified tourists propped up by the blood and toil of immigrant laborers and lower class losers. I could just imagine them saying how they want to, "experience the world, travel, so I can grow as a person." To travel, to grow, to be propped up, fed by Burger King. The only way for me not to hate these people would be if they came back injured, having endured some horrible car accident, paralyzed from the waist down. Then I'd say, "my how you've grown."

But Wait...I already am a drooling...

"There is an indomitable quality within the human spirit that can not be destroyed; a face deep within the human personality that is impregnable to all assaults . . . we would be drooling idiots, dangerous maniacs, raving beasts – if it were not for that quality and force within all humans that cries 'I will live.'"

-Chester Himes


Survival of the fittest, these are the lengths the best spammers must go to to pass the filters. The following text, in about 8 point font, was at the bottom of a piece of spam that made it through to my email inbox:

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"no mre" linked to a blank page with an unsubscribe box.