Pattaya, Thailand is a city that can be neatly summed up in one word: Licentious:

-Anywhere from 25,000 to 100,000 of the city's 200,000 are sex workers.
-Virtually every white man over the age of 50 can be seen walking the streets of Pattaya with his arm around a much younger Thai girl.

The women are so aggressive on the streets that run perpendicular to the main beach drag they grab you or stand in front of you as you pass by. If you're unfortunate enough to accidentally make eye contact with one of them, you in for a barrage of "hey sexy man, handsome." The girls sitting inside wink at you or pretend to lick with their tongues. It seems as though there are two girls for every guy.

The massage parlor is a large dimly lit room that opens up to about 10 round tables with chairs all facing brightly lit glass-enclosed bleachers that house 40-60 women. It's almost exactly like a police lineup, except the women are sitting in bleachers (about four rows deep) and they can see you too. The girls must be perspiring under the extreme brightness. The women sit, some talking to each other, some fiddling with their makeup, others talk discreetly on their cell phone. They wear numbers, and all the patrons need do is raise their hand and tell the suit-weating host the number of your choice and he calls her number over his microphone. She immediately rises and meets you 20 meters away at the cashier, from whence (after payment) she ushers you upstairs for your hour-and-a-half massage/sex.