When there's nothing left to live for. One can't help but be preoccupied with death.

There is a notion that complete freedom comes when utter nothingness has been achieved. All desire negated. All material objects forsaken. This is not purest enlightenment, but dreadful oblivion.

Complete honesty will leave you tired and alone.

It is impossible not to be captured by your parents' influence. If you try to run away, you realize you are running right into their clutches. A trap set up by their inescapable DNA. If you bide your time in one place, you find that place to be their place. Your deeds are replications of your parents' deeds. The deeds are entirely different, wholly separate and unique. But the instant you interpret, and find meaning for those deeds, you build with those exact blocks given to you. Accept that you are them, but only if they gave you acceptance. Combat their faults, but only if they did so first. Feel ambivalent and paralyzed, insofar as paralysis encompassed them. Guilty, Not Guilty, No Lo Entendere.